LEAF Students

The LEAF Charter School will serve grades 9-12 with a maximum of 28 students per grade. In Fall 2017, LEAF will welcome incoming first-year (Grade 9) students only. Each year afterwards, we’ll add an additional grade, until the school is at full capacity (112 students in four grade levels).

All kinds of students might find the LEAF Charter School to be a perfect educational match: Students who are struggling with the structure of a traditional school day, students who are bored or unchallenged by the conventional curriculum, students who feel uncomfortable or even threatened in a larger school setting, all might benefit from a transition to the LEAF Charter School. Bright students who are academically unmotivated, or whose intellectual strengths are difficult to measure with tests, will find opportunities to shine at the LEAF Charter School. We’re looking for future artists, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators of all kinds! Come check LEAF out!